Winter Wild Race Report (video edition)

Saturday (yesterday) I ran in my first race of 2013. It was a last minute decision (thanks to @organicrunmom) to enter this race that was held at a ski area where I grew up skiing. I’d spent many a Saturday racing friends down the slopes and tossing back hot cocoa in the lodge while trying to impress the rich girls staying at the nearby Woodstock Inn. I won some races, but never met any girls. Such is life.

I didn’t win anything from the race (well…that’s not true. They hold a raffle after the race during which you have 10 seconds to choose something from the table of goodies. I chose a dozen eggs from Pete & Gerry’s. DEEEE-Lish. I placed 38th out of 73 overall (mid-pack-ish) and 5th in my age group. Out of 10. My highest finish as an adult, and still mi-pack. BOOM.

Rather than write and write and write, I thought that a little video would be a fun way to do my report. Just be thankful I didn’t decide on interpretive dance…

Make it a GREAT WEEK!!!


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