For the Love of Bits!

By now it is no secret that I have found another product and company that I really like. There have been few that I have actually continued to use, amoung them Generation UCAN, DesignerWhey, and of course ArcticEase. Besides the products actually doing what they claim they will do, the PEOPLE behind them are important to me. I mean, if the owners/creators/marketers are a bunch of jackwagons, I don’t care HOW good your product is (are you listening, CHOBANI???).

The new kid on my block (who i’ve been hanging out with for several months, actually) is ENERGYBITS. They have more than just energy bits, actually, but that’s the bit i like the best! Cruise on over to their site to see more about their story. After you’ve done that, come back here. I have a bit of a give away going on. Yep. FREE BITS.

energybits red  hearts

I am offering up for grabs a sample package of EnergyBits from the folks at BitsOfEnergy. Yep. You’ll get a sample tin of bits along with some other goodies. Here’s what you have to do:

Leave me a comment (on the blog, NOT on FaceBook) saying you want in. In the comment please feel free to ask me any questions about the Bits that you might have. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll get in touch with the folks at BitsOfEnergy who will have the answers, and I will reply to you in the comments.

You can enter up to 5 times, contest closes on the 13th, and I’ll announce the winner of the bits on the 14th. Bits are GREAT for heart health, and it just seems fitting to give away some heart health on Valentine’s Day. Be sure to check back here on the 14th to see who won, as well as learn a few things about how algae can help improve your heart health as well as your overall wellness!!!



  1. DEFINITELY want in!!! I keep hearing about bits, and when I read about them it was like reading about tiny green tablets full of miracles.
    How have BITS changed the way you feel at the beginning/middle/end of a run?

    • Thanks for entering and for your question! the answer is a resounding YES! I fatigue less quickly and recover a bit quicker as well. I’ve been taking them daily, not just for runs, too. I get a longer lasting ‘pep’ than i do from coffee, and no crash later like from sugar, etc. Sustained, natural energy. more than 40 micronutrients packed in there as well, so that’s a great benefit, too!

    • Katherine, I typically just make my smoothies with fat free plain yogurt, soy milk, and some fruit. sometimes i add in some peanut butter. i haven’t tried PB with bits, though… the bits go well with a spinach smoothie, or just by themselves! Have you ever tried EnergyBits?

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