Doing it, or Getting it Done?

This morning I caught part of a conversation between two members at the health club where I now work part time at the front desk. One of the people (“Tom”)  is a tall, athletic-looking (use your own bias there), 60 something gentleman, and the other (“Not Tom”) is also tall, in his 60’s, but slightly less than athletic in appearance (again, your own image here).

Not Tom: How was your workout, Tom?

Tom: It was great! I really enjoy working out before I go to the office. Sets my mood for the day. (Really. He said that.) How about you?

Not Tom: Well, I’m just glad i got mine out of the way.

Tom: I hope you have a good one! See you later!

My first thoughts were along the line of stereotypes: Not Tom seemed to have the dis-interested and unmotivated attitude of many people going through the motions. Not just in the gym, but at work, life, etc. as well. Tom, on the other hand, seemed to have a bit more hitch in his giddy-up, and was vibrant and happy to be alive.

Turning my thoughts inward, I began to think about MY outlook, and how others perceive me as I go through my day. While it is true that I try not to gauge myself based on how others see me (they don’t know my story), I will admit that there are certain situations where i believe that it IS important to pay attention to those things. (Work, for example. I push the envelope at times, but I try to keep myself reined in just enough…)

Since I can’t really change what other people think (it has taken me nearly 30 years to figure that out. I hope you realise it sooner), all I can do is change my outlook and attitude. The rest will sort itself out somehow.

I’m re-evaluating things in my life; not just things, but people, too. Am treating them well? Am I treating them how they want to be treated, or how i think they should be treated? Do i really need furniture, or is it over-rated? (inside joke there….right @JustSavyMama!)

I’m encouraging all of us to try harder to be more aware of things around you; how you interact with them, how they interact with you. Are they things/people that lead you to fall into the trap of ‘getting through it’, or are you fired up and happy to be able to be ‘doing it’?

I am going to focus on DOING the things I need/want to do, rather than just Getting Them Done. Join me?



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