I #LoveMusic. I NEED music.

While I was growing up (which actually hasn’t stopped yet, as recently I’ve been labeled “selfish”), music was always around. We had a record player in our house that came with it’s own cover that made it look like a smallish box when in place. On Sundays after church and while Mom was making brunch we’d play a record. The music would include selections from John Denver, Neil Diamond, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Beethoven, Fiddler on the Roof sound track, and the Beatles. We also had a special turntable that you could stack a few records on and it would automatically switch to the next one. THAT one way WAAAAAY off limits and was on a shelf directly above the radio (though not a component stereo).

The radio was ALWAYS tuned to National Public Radio. Always. I swear I never changed the station to the local country or pop stations. I SWEAR. My Dad had a piece of tape on the knob that read, “ne touches pas”. Seriously. And nobody ever did. Especially not me…

reel to reelThere seemed to always be music in the house. My parents also had a Sony reel to reel tape player and about 20 different tapes. THESE were stored in a cabinet just out of reach until I was about 14. My Dad would sometimes play one, and it is from them that I came to enjoy Herman’s Hermits, Dylan, The Troggs, and the Rolling Stones.


As I aged, I would borrow albums from neighbors and record them onto cassettes by placing a tape recorder near the speaker (yes, singular) and remaining VERY QUIET while the album played. I think I had several recordings that differed from the original tracks in that they had dog sneezes and footsteps in the background. One of my favourite recordings of the time was Breakfast in America by Supertramp. First record I purchased? Shaun Cassidy’s self titled album. Don’t judge me. Most RECENT CD purchased? Breaking Benjamin’s Shallow Bay. In my car right now I have CD’s from Mozart (Requiem), DJ Irene (Phonosynthesis), Eminem (the Eminem Show), and the Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack (featuring Issac Stern).

I’ve broken up to music, hooked up to music, laughed, cried, danced, run, walked, and sat motionless staring from the tops of mountains. Music is PART OF ME.

Do you get the sense that music speaks to and through you, too? Many people do. The folks at POLK AUDIO have created a mini-site where people can upload and share short videos of what music means to them and how it has influenced and helped shape their lives. POLKTake some time and cruise by their site and see what people have to say. Maybe you’ll feel inspired to share what music means to YOU as well. Even if you don’t have that urge, why not share your top THREE most important pieces below in the comments? Come back in a few days, too, as I’ll be hosting a drawing for a gift code to be used at Polk Audio. Find the good people at Polk by seeking them here:


Twitter: @Polk_Audio (hashtag #LoveMusic)
Instagram: @Polk_Audio

“Music.Is.Everything.To.Me. That’s all I can say.” -unknown-

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  1. I can never seem to pin down a favorite song, but I love ALL kinds of music. I don’t box myself in when it comes to the good tunes. But I can tell you as far as workouts, I always warm up to slow instrumental Christian music (it helps to clear my head), and then go hardcore with the Club beats.

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