Ready to get AMPLIFIED? #RespectYourself

Recently I was fortunate to be able to review some strength, recovery, and protein products from GNC. Never having really used any such products, I was very excited to be able to test these out. In the past I had a baaaad experience with…a different product who shall remain nameless. Let’s say i was squeezing A LOT of Charmin.

THIS product, thankfully, only had me squeezing out ONE MORE REP!!!! Even though I am not a strength trainer, and am not currently involved in any form of organized workout regime, I was able to notice a bit of a change when it came to doing tabata and HIIT. Recovery after runs and exercise was less painful, too.

Please take a few minutes (nearly 12, but SO WORTH IT) to watch my video review. Words simply do not do this product justice. No, really….


    • I used their products ‘back in the day’, but wasn’t happy then. They’ve come a LONG WAY, and i am VERY happy with them now! Have you given any of them a try?

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