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Yesterday I saw a comment somewhere about people not posting about themselves anymore, that most of the blogs, status updates, and tweets that they have been seeing are about PRODUCTS, not PEOPLE. I scrolled by without giving it much thought at the time. As I was in the gym yesterday my mind wandered back to that comment; and here we are…a post about ME (lucky YOU).
I’m slowly learning that even small to medium actions can have long term, dire consequences. No, I’m not on the lamb, nor on the take, but I have complicated my life and the lives of those dear to me in ways that I never anticipated. Those few close enough to me know what I mean; others are free to speculate as they deem necessary. Suffice to say that 2012->13->and beyond will be life changing. And even though I am not comfortable with the why, I am learning to be comfortable with the change process.
A few days ago I was on a conference call / live meeting (I LOVE LIVE MEETING! looking for a reason to use it in my personal life….) about putting the pieces of your life puzzle together, and the presenter had this to say, which of course I immediately tweeted and posted to FB:

“There is now growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone.”

I invite you to reflect on that for a moment or two. We’ve all heard people talking about thinking outside the box (i have a t-shirt that says, “forget the box. just think outside”. i love that shirt!), and we’ve heard people talking about real growth and learning happening outside of our comfort zone. This phrase, though, pretty much nailed it for me. Does it have any impact on you? Care to share in the comments?
Another thing that has happened to me recently is that while exploring reasons for my quickness to anger (that doesn’t really make sense, does it?), I was given another reason to think. A bit of background research reveals that I go from 0-10 on the anger scale in less than a heartbeat. I know, right? Who knew? (Sadly, too many people….) ANYWAY, it was suggested that since my displays of anger weren’t effective (or often appropriate) that perhaps I was trying to express a different emotion but masking it as anger, and that perhaps that emotion was sadness. Gaaaaaaaahhhhhh…heavy stuff right there. (aren’t you glad you are reading this??? ahahahha) So i’ve been reflecting (dare i say meditating? no, not quite yet) on that idea as well. Do you confuse one emotion for another? For me, I think that the confusion lies not in the recognition of the emotion, but in the expression of the emotion. I’m not quite sure how to express sadness, but I have a pretty good grip on anger. This, I think, is why I go from 0-10 so quickly. More on that as thoughts emerge.

Ok, readers, your turn. Here’s my challenge to you: write a post about YOU rather than a product or a project or an event and then post the link in my comments. Let’s get to know each other a bit better, shall we?

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