Fitness Minded Kid(s)

This past Thursday evening Bryce and I were outside enjoying the weather. He’d been riding his new bike for a bit, then we switched to shooting hoops using one of those smaller balls that bounce all the way to the moon and back. THAT was fun. Had more of a workout chasing that thing around than actually shooting into the hoop, but hey! that’s ok too!
We soon switched to tossing the football, which evolved into ‘running plays’. As QB, I’d prescribe a route for him to run, then try to get the ball to him at the right time. Just for fun, I said, “sprint to that pile of dirt. when you get there, do 3 jumping jacks, then turn around. BOOM! the ball will be there to catch.” He said, “cool!” and we ran the play.
[For those of us who can correctly perform a jumping jack, it is good entertainment to watch those who haven’t quite figured it out yet…]
I tried to get the ball there on time, but the toss was off and he missed the catch. “ok, MY turn to be QB!”, Bryce announced after returning the wayward ball. “Dad, go down to that pile of dirt, do TEN PUSH UPS, and when you get up, BOOM! catch the ball.”


So I dutifully ran my pattern, pounded my face into the grass 10 times, popped up burpee style, and BOOM! Perfect spiral throw right on the numbers. I looked up at B and he was cracking up. “IT WORKED!”, he exclaimed. I jogged back, gave a high 5, and awaited my next route assignment. “Ok, Dad, THIS time, do 5 jumping jacks, 5 push ups, and 5 sit ups, get up, THEN catch the ball.”

ok, who brought the cool kid?

So I did it, and we cracked up more and high fived again. I really like it when he turns an already fun activity into something even MORE fun.
Are you able to get outside and play with your kids, even if it is just craziness?

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