I don’t like to think of myself as a Last Minute Charlie, but my actions are proving that I kinda AM. Ugh.

This winter I KNEW about the Winter Wild series. I’d even debated participating in it from start to finish, but then decided that I wasn’t going to do it (again) this year; maybe next year. Then one of the other @FitFluential ambassadors in the area posted about a race on a Sunday. She posted it on the Wednesday prior to the a which was to be held very close to me. I didn’t have my microspikes (long story), so I went and bought a new pair. The next day I went out and slogged through 5k worth of snowmobile trails just to get a feeling for the snow and spikes. Sunday saw me toeing the line, a bit overdressed, and I had a great time! So great, in fact, that I ran the rest of the races in the series and managed to be the highest placed Vermonter in my age group. BAM!
There is a summer version of this series as well. The first race, which is just an intro race and not part of the points series, is to be held just a few miles north of me on 18 May. Just about every other weekend after that there is a race within an hour’s drive. Have I been hitting the trails in planning for this? Well, kinda. Have I planned out how I am going to PAY for this series? Nope.

Then there was the race that I ran yesterday. I’ve known about it for about 2 months or so, maybe a bit less. It was a road 5k/10k to help raise awareness for TeamRWB, who I will write about later. Anyway, I debated about entering the race for many weeks, and finally resigned myself to just show up to the event early and volunteer. THAT doesn’t require much planning, etc, and it always feels good to give back.
Earlier this week I spotted one of their posters at work and stopped to write down the event details. There was a Veteran nearby, and knowing that I am a runner, he said, “You’re doing the 10k, right?” I was a bit surprised, but said that no, i was just going to volunteer. Long story (another post for later today) later, he had me convinced to run the 10k. IMG_20130427_080915_699
Without planning for it.
Are you sensing the same theme that I am? I mean, i HAVE a calendar. i KNOW HOW TO USE IT. i guess i probably SHOULD USE IT, because there are some big races on my horizon that will be here before I know it, and they require some serious planning.
Do you find yourself a slave to the calendar, oblivious to the calendar, or somewhere in between?

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