Taking control

Wednesday afternoon (slash) evening I am driving down to Woburn, MA to get ready for 3 days worth of sitting in a chair in a room listening to people try to become our vendor of choice for a big project at work. For someone who only sits when he’s driving in his truck, wed-friday are going to be TOUGH to handle. Ok, that isn’t entirely true. I sit for about a combined 30 minutes per day, not including my 10 minute drive to work and back. I have a standing desk, i eat at it, and typically eat dinner either standing up in the kitchen or just sitting on the floor in the living room.
(ir)regardless (!), sitting for the majority of the day is going to really eff up my back. so i’m taking control.
I’ve packed more running clothes than work clothes.
I’ve prepped salads for lunch for the days I’ll be there, which i plan to take outside and eat while walking around.

these are not the trails i am looking for this week

There are trails behind the facility (mostly a rail-trail, but some spur trails off into the woods) that I plan to run on in the mornings to loosen up, and then again in the evenings to do the same and wait out the traffic jam that occurs every day. by doing so, i’ll be avoiding sitting in the car! win/win.
If I don’t do these things, or at least TRY to, and resign myself to the fate that surely awaits me for sitting around all.damned.day, I’ve let the situation take control of me. I’m not really a control freak per se, but i don’t like my health and my comfort being controlled by other people. It is perhaps the one last thing that we still have the ability to control.
So take it.

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