Evolutionary vs. Revolutionary

How many times have you stopped moving toward a goal simply (and honestly) because you weren’t getting result fast enough? None? Me, either!


Lately I’ve heard the phrase “it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon” tossed around to describe marriages, career goals, parenting, and yes, marathons. I’mm not sure if it has become increasingly popular lately or if it is just my MIND picking up on it more readily, but it seems like I can’t get through a day without hearing it somewhere. Kinda like sad break-up songs. They’re on the radio every day anyway, but I don’ really seem to notice them unless I am ALREADY sad…
I spent several days last week sequestered in a building helping to decide some things for the company I work for. I’d never been involved in this type of procedure and must say that from a business perspective it was pretty fascinating. From a personal perspective, however, it was madness as I was made to sit in a chair all day (as I mentioned in an earlier post). I DID manage to get out for some runs which was nice, but not as much fun as I had hoped.
But this isn’t about that. It is about TIME and wellness (howEVER you describe that). I’ll use myself as an example:
Many many years ago I was in much better shape than I am now both mentally and physically. I’ve known for quite some time that I needed to affect change in both areas if I was to have what I describe as a fulfilled life. Because I like to check items off of a list, I made some and started hammering away at the list. Less than a year later I stopped doing the things on the lists.
Why? Because I wasn’t cured.
I reverted back into the unfavourable lifestyles and wouldn’t you know it…I remained unhappy with myself. I’d try to make up for it here and there, convincing myself that I was making progress. All I was doing was masking my m-m-m-m-madness.
Realizing this, I started back in on my lists for a while. Then stopped. Then started. Then stopped.
In the past year or so I have made a very strong effort NOT to revert to the undesirable version of me and move forward toward the real version of myself that I’ve had in mind all along. Certain circumstances have helped move that along a bit; both ones that have happened TO me and ones that I have created for myself (with the help of others, of course!).
I mentioned the sequestration because it was there that I heard the phrase that I’ve chosen as today’s title: “Evolutionary vs. Revolutionary”. It was said in reference to a change process that will be happening at work over the next several years, and the speaker wanted to impress upon us that we shouldn’t expect things to change NEXT WEEK, or even NEXT YEAR. Upon hearing it I immediately wrote it down on my notepad for further exploration.
Thing is, I was very eager and willing to accept it as an accurate description of the change process as it applies to our work environment. Why, then, have I NOT been willing to accept it (dare I say embrace it?) in my personal life?

I challenge you to ponder this concept of evolutionary versus revolutionary as it may apply to YOU in your journey toward wellness. I wish you a fantastic Monday!


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