Life’s a Beach

Imagine if you will that you are at the beach with friends and family having a decent time. Sure, your towel gets blown around, sand gets in places, but overall you’re having a good time of it.
Then you make a mistake and step a bit too far from shore. You know better, but it just ‘happened’. And under you go. The waves toss you around, you can see bubbles, and try to follow them, but it seems like you just can’t get your head above water.
Your chest tightens, you can feel your heart pounding, your body is getting tossed about, and you feel like this is it. The end.
Suddenly, though, you realize that you are able to break the surface! YES! you can see the sky, and it is as blue as ever. You start to calm down, to relax a little. You’re still far from shore, but you can see your friends and family waving at you, encouraging you to begin swimming toward shore. And you do.
Life seems pretty good at the moment, and you remain focused and thankful. People on the shore, confident that you will make it, resume their leisure in the sand.
Then, without warning, you feel the unmistakable undertow of another big wave. Before you know it, you are swallowed up by its immense power and dashed against the sand and shells below.
This cycle continues over and over and over and over…

This is my brain. This is my brain at the beach.

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