Power Hour @UVAquaticCenter

Tonight, on a whim because I needed some controlled ass kicking, I jumped in on a Power Hour class at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center in Hartford, VT. I work there from 0445-0800 tuesdays and wednesdays before my ‘regular’ job, but have never taken a class. In fact the only other time I can recall having taken a fitness class was back in like 1992 in Tucson, AZ. I was (1992-1968) years old, and i think I was the youngest in the class by around 40 years. It was a water aerobics class. The grammas and grampas in that class kicked my butt!!

I’d heard that Garrett’s classes were tough, so I was a bit nervous about just jumping into it. But jump in I did. There were about 15 of us, and I think that I was the only NOOB. Typical. After a brief warm up of funny walks and some easy lunges, he wrote our first session on the board:
TRX Overhead Squats
Goblet Forward Lunges (alternate at 30 sec)
Plank to Push Up (Walking planks)

One minute each, 30 seconds between movements, 60 between sets for 3 sets. Lemme tell ya; OH squats don’t SEEM difficult, but HOLY GUACAMOLE my shoulders were EN FUEGO!!!! DIOS MIO!

Next session was this:
TRX Chin Ups (from deep squat)
Single Leg Shoulder Bridge on Med Ball (alternate at 30 sec)
KB 1/2 get up (I used 15/20/15 lb)

Same times as above. GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY!!!! My hammies were FEEEEEELING THE BURRRRRRN mistah! Thank goodness we only had one more session to go!

Except it was:
TR Jump Squats (half squats, Gene. don’t go all the way down)
KB swings
Dead bugs or V-sit or combo

Yea….ummm…dead CUCARACHA is more like it. (apparently delirium makes me type in broken Spanglish. who knew?) I was very much looking forward to the KB swings because I can do those LIKE A BOSS.

This workout was well worth the hour it took and the stress (although really not much in comparison) beforehand. I am very glad that I took the class and will be back for more. If you are reading this in my area, I urge you to stop on by and take a class. Your future self will thank you for it.

Peace, yo!


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