Let the (ahem) taper begin!

I finally did a decent longish run in preparation for my upcoming (next weekend) Covered Bridges Half Marathon. I really like this point to point race, and look forward to it most years. This will be year #3 of the past 4. It sells out very quickly (this year’s registration sold out in under 10 minutes), and one year I just wasn’t able to get in. Last year I had a tough emotional week leading up to the race, and after the first 3 miles I was ready to call it a day and quit. But I didn’t. This year I am not gunning for a PR, just going to enjoy the race, the run, and the fact that I am healthy enough and able-bodied enough to endure 13.1.
My run today looked like this: norwich and hanover
around mile 3 my lower legs were already on fire. Again. Seriously??? I mean, what IS IT this year?? OH, RIGHT!!!! I’m running in ZERO DROP shoes!! My Saucony Virrata have a 0mm drop. THAAAAAT explains it. So I kept running. Around mile 5 my hips started to hurt. I thought that this might be for the same reason, since my stride was now more of a mid-food strike instead of the more heel-strike that I have with my other shoes. So I kept running. I was tracking my run via runkeeper.com on my phone, but had it tucked away in my hydration pack and didn’t look at it at all until I finished the run. It was a great day to be out running, and I am very glad that I was able to find proper motivation to get out and DO IT today.
In keeping with my usual race prep, that will be my last long run before the race. AFTER THE RACE, though, I REALLY, REALLY need to kick my azz into gear. Several trail races (series!) this summer, and I need to decide today or tomorrow about entering the Vermont50. I think registration opened yesterday…yikes! Enough for now. I hope you had a wonderful and thoughtful Memorial Day 2013. I did.

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