wuzza wuzza…

My son Bryce and I say that to each other, randomly. It has come to mean pretty much everything and anything. I love that kid…
Anyway, all kinds of things have been happening lately. Here are some of them, in case you are wondering. If you aren’t, come back tomorrow when I’ll write about an upcoming Twitter chat that i’ll be hosting next week!
Last week I passed the NASM Certified Personal Trainer exam. Yep. I am now Gene Soboleski, RN CPT. The world may never be the same (yes, that’s the idea, right?).
My boss told me that i need to write my review this week because she was supposed to have done it in March, but hadn’t gotten to it. I really don’t do well with self-evaluation type review. I’d almost rather just not get a raise than have to brag about what i’ve been doing over the past year. I wonder if it would be to my advantage to say that i’ve squeezed out close to 1,000 dips for my #dipchallenge that takes place during the #Attune twitter chats on wednesdays. i doubt she will appreciate it…
I also had my 90 day review at the gym where i work the reception desk. it was actually a 90 PLUS day review, as that supervisor didn’t get to it in time, either. Cumulatively I think I’ve worked there less than 80 hours in the past 4 months, and mostly solo, so a review is kinda tough. how about we just sign a paper that says i minimally meet all requirements, i not get fired, and i don’t get a raise. works for me.
I have had more mental breakdowns than i care to count. today at work i demolished a keyboard. pieces everywhere. you know this scene from Office Space?
officespace Yea, that was pretty much me. Now I have to figure out how to replace the keyboard…i swear i’m my own worst enemy.
I did get a nice gift from Bryce for Father’s Day that made me cry. That was probably the best part of my week.

Thanks for hanging around with me. I’m trying not to be a downer, i’m trying to stay positive. I AM a positive person. I WILL get through this, and I PROMISE to stop posting about dreary, downbeat life stuff on this blog….


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