I’m breaking a sweat…it’s alright

With only 3 months between me and my attempt at a 50 miler (Vermont50) i’ve decided to try something I have never really done before when it comes to running in a race: Train. I know, I know, I should have warned you before I said that. After you’ve picked yourself up off of the floor, please feel free to continue reading…
(aside…I’m in a library, and the dude at the adjacent table is on his cell. Another guy just stopped outside and stood looking in while on HIS cell. would have been really funny if they were talking to each other!) (see? my mind is odd…)
Ok, back to training. I think that I should note here that I am not following an actual PLAN. That would be too much pressure, and I don’t think that I am ready to set myself up for that kind of failure. I’m simply going to focus on getting miles in, time on my feet, good food in my system, rest when appropriate, and try to piece together the things that i’ll likely need at aid stations (morphine injections, etc. JUST KIDDING NSA….)
What have I been doing?
Friday: Ran with student during class. Only one showed up, but he’s the speediest one. We did our final mile at 9:02. I stuck around the track and did 10 x 400 with 200 walk in between, with an extra 400 jog tossed in at the end for even numbers. The 400s fell in 1:42, 43, 43, 42, 43, 42, 42, 42, 45 (!), and 41. Not bad, i guess. I wasn’t pushing HARD, just trying to stay steady. Interestingly, as I rounded the last corner on lap #6 the thought, “well, the times are going to start getting longer now” entered my head. Then, almost as quickly, the thought “no, you just have to WORK HARDER TO MAINTAIN THE PACE” kicked in. Yep. So I did.
And it was WORTH IT. I need to learn to let negative thoughts flow into AND OUT OF my mind…and leave room for the positive, more supportive ones. You?
Saturday: in the morning another student met me at the track at 8. we cruised through the workout, and conversation with her was largely focused on how she doesn’t see herself as a runner. She spins a few times a week, and has said that she absolutely LOVES to be on the bike (both road and spin!); she is hoping that this class experience will help her develop a similar love of running. (yea, NO PRESSURE THERE!)… Saturday afternoon I went to the gym and did some endurance based things to try to get a sense of where I am with that…woah. It is Monday as I type, and my GLUTES are still feeling it! BAM!
Sunday: Wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, but figured that it should include a few hours on my feet out on the trails. I’m kinda getting tired of the trails around me, and don’t really want to drive to new ones; those, too, will become bland, and then what??? I decided to drive to a new access point that I discovered recently and go from there. It was a good idea; I explored some new trails that wove in and out of the Appalachian Trail, DSCN2162found a really cool hidden marsh (pictured), another new trail access point and shared the trail with 6 really smelly hikers who looked like they’ve been hiking for a month or more..happy to see them out there; typically I have the whole trail to myself. I set out to do 13 miles, but in the end settled for 8.5. I was getting tired and starting to trip more, my legs and glutes were shot, and the sky was getting ominous. (Ok, that last one was just tossed in there, as the last time I was in that neck of the woods it was pouring out…).
That brings us to today. Monday. I’m taking today as a rest day. I’ll likely go for a walk later this evening just to keep things moving. Tomorrow I have class again, and I’m going to do 800’s after the students leave. Shooting for 10, will settle for 10.
Tomorrow we’ll talk about FOOD…..

Peace, YO!

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