Today I share with you what i’ve been eating over the past week as i try to reshape my attitude and actions and get ready for the upcoming Vermont50.
Basically this:
Green Salads
Chinese Food (last night it was a toss up: Chinese food, chicken and salad again, or a tub of ice cream.)
Croissant(s) (2, on tuesday. one of the gym members brings them from his store. they are home made, etc. etc…..)
Uncle Sam Cereal

Yep. that’s been it. I’ve been buying chicken parts, usually bone-in legs, thighs, or quarters, lately, then just chucking a bunch of it in a baking dish, adding a random shaking of spices, and whacking it in the oven for a bunch of time. Voila! dinner/lunch/snack. From time to time i add sliced sweet potato on top, after the spices. they get splattered with some of the juices and have a nice flavor. Once this week i put a bunch of thighs in my crock pot with carrots, sweet potatoes, and celery. Added some water, spices, and cooked it all day. tasty dinner then lunch, and now i have a home made chicken stock to use for something.

For my salads i have been getting a tub of mixed spring greens and adding carrots, cuke, celery, and occasionally a tomato. dressing is olive oil and red wine vinegar. I don’t bring the dressing combo to work, so on those days i either use Mrs. Dash or nothing on my salad. Not very exciting, for sure, but…..better than finding oil and vinegar all over the inside of my lunch bag. OH!!!!
I forgot about my Russian Kale! I went to a farmer’s market last saturday and got a bunch (not a crap-ton, just a bunch. like some, held together with a rubber band…) of Russian Kale from a farmer who I know. I added some to scrambled eggs (missing from the list above!), and then the rest I just added to salads. It was tasty, a bit crunchy, and slightly peppery (like the thick part of a fresh carrot). I’ll be getting more this weekend…maybe i’ll do a write up of Brian and his farm?

What about you? have you simplified your eating lately, or has it taken on a life of its own? i am trying to simplify down to about 10 total food items. is that ‘good for me’? i doubt it. so likely i’ll end up with maybe 20, to include some fruits and veggies (as you can see, i didn’t really have any veggies this week…)

I am not a fan of veggies per se. I’m just not. If i can’t eat them raw in a salad, i pretty much don’t like them. and NO, i won’t eat cauliflower. ew, just ew. steamed broc is ok. and i guess if i can roast them or bake them, that’s cool, too. ok, FINE. i like veggies….
but not most fruit. waaaaay too messy for the return. apples, banana? yep. easy peasy. oranges? nope. too messy. NO WAY on clementines and mandarin oranges. but a hearty YOU BETCHA! to grape fruit. but not grapes. an absolutely NO to watermelon. even chopped up in a fruit salad. ew.

ok enough drivel today. Get out there, have some fun, and remember to keep moving forward!


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