Inspiration, Motivation, and Dedication…oh, my!

“And just like that…he was gone.” -Verbal Klint-
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

I swear I have all of these. (pats pockets) They’re in here somewhere (opens cupboards). I SWEAR i just set them down for a minute (looks in top dresser drawer).
Dang it! Just like that…they’re gone.
I don’t know why. I don’t know where. Circumstances as they are, I have TIME. I have OPPORTUNITY. I have MOTIVE. (wait, we’re still talking FITNESS, right???) So WHY can’t I get my act together and go for a RUN instead of sitting in a coffee shop that charges WAAAAy too much for coffee? Why did I grab a slice of BBQ chicken pizza before coming to the coffee shop? Why, indeed.
Because I CHOSE to; I am an adult. I live in the USA. I have freedoms, among which is the freedom of CHOICE. Today, I’ve chosen poorly.
Because the coffee was so expensive, I’ll be drinking two cups of it before I leave. As I type, it is nearly 630 pm. Round about midnight i’ll be really regretting this decision. Tomorrow morning I’ll be regretting it, too. I am hosting/organizing my town’s 3rd Annual 5k Fun Run. Although there isn’t much to the set up and execution, I’m certain that it would go more smoothly if I’d had a restful night’s sleep. But that won’t happen. Because of CHOICES.
I need to start making better choices; choices that will get me CLOSER to my goals, not keep me in the same place or move me AWAY from them. I sometimes wonder if other people do this, too. Shortly after I start to wonder, though, I imagine that YES, YES THEY DO! they MUST. otherwise I’m a wack-a-doodle, and I’m not. (right?)
I’ll be spending the next several hours trying to find my focus again. My actions NEED to be in line with my goals. Perhaps it would help if I had a CLEAR vision of what those goals ACTUALLY WERE.
Yea, I’ll start there…

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