REVIEW: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Powder

A few weeks ago I won a sampling of products from Manitoba Harvest ( The specialize in organic hemp food. I’ve never really given hemp a fair shake (well, not since college…), so I was pretty excited to have a chance to try some risk free. IMG_20130823_203721_679
When I got the box, I was kinda bummed that it didn’t come with a lifetime supply of Doritos! I asked around and found out that the hemp that is smoked and the hemp that is EATEN are two different types of hemp. (Dave’s not here, mannnnnnn). Eager to give it a try, I got my shaker bottle and soy milk ready to make hemp protein shake! When I opened the bottle, I was a bit…confused… Please watch my video review to find out why as well as to see and hear my general take on the products in my goodie box.
Here, then, is the link to my vlog review of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Powder, Vanilla flavour:


I swear I tried to embed the video, but when i preview the post, nada. just a blank space where the video should be. so click on over, won’tcha?


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