Get a Jump on Holiday Health

Many of us think about the fall and winter holiday season with the mindset that there are too many parties, too much food, too much drink, and too much temptation to stay on the couch and not exercise. By starting early to change your outlook, you can set yourself up for success this year, and not regret for having made unhealthy decisions.

Some people think, “well, it is just for a month or so, and i’ve been doing well all year, so this won’t really matter.” Sadly, this isn’t the case, as people realize often too late. Every day matters. Let’s say that you decide to skip the fruit at the lunch party and go straight for the triple cheese nacho dip guacamole mine field instead. One serving of that ‘treat’ can run you around 250-300 calories just for the dip, not including the chips.

“What’s 300-600 extra calories,” you say? Let’s put it into an exercise perspective, just for fun:

Running OR walking 1 mile burns roughly 100 calories.
TEN MINUTES of pushups burns 100 calories.
TWENTY MINUTES of yoga burns around 100 calories.
TEN MINUTES of calithenics burns around 100 calories.

By “ten minutes” i don’t mean “do as many pushups as you can in ten minutes.” I mean “do pushups constantly for ten minutes.” I dunno about you, but i can barely manage 2 minutes of pushups.That cheesy dip? Not worth it for me. I have learned that what works best for me is to simply skip those kinds of foods all together. I’ve been pretty good about staying clear for so long that when I DO grab some dip, onion rings, or some really good looking sweet potato fries (fries are fries are fries), my stomach quickly gets upset to the point where i think i’ve discovered a new colon cleanse regime…

So i try very hard to stick to eating ‘clean’ or ‘right’ or ‘well’. For me, it has just become ‘eating’, and it can for you, too, if you want to become healthier and stay that way. One cannot strive for and achieve a higher level of health and then revert to the same old same old ways of eating and living that got them there in first place. We’ve seen it time and time again on those crazy TV shows, and perhaps know some people in real life who have done this.

Once you’ve gotten to where you want to be, why risk it for some cheesy nacho dip guacamole mine field? Grab some fruit instead, mingle around the room, take the stairs back to your car, get some good sleep, and keep on keepin’ on with your healthy lifestyle. You’ll be glad you did.

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