Inspiration is a two-way street

Just a quick post here…
Recently I came to learn that my 16yo stepson wants to gain some fat-free body mass. Sounds like a good idea to me! He indirectly asked ME for some help; the short version is that I had him track his intake for a week, but be sure not to change anything, just track it.
He did. I plugged the week’s worth of food into and came up with some interesting information that I’ve shared with Mom but haven’t had a chance to share with the boy yet. I also dove into my workout toolbox and put together 6 days worth of body weight exercises. I pulled from several people, sometimes just using their workout exactly as it was presented, and sometimes mixing in elements from several different people.
This week I’ve been doing them myself just to be sure that they are tough enough for him to be challenged, but not so tough that he’ll get frustrated. Here is today’s workout, which I just completed in 17:26. Round 3 kicked me hard, so I took a bit longer in between sets 3 and 4. I concentrated on PROPER FORM rather than just busting through the exercises. Give it a try!

Repeat FOUR times:
30 second plank
10 walking planks
10 walkOUT planks
10 plank jacks
10 spiderman pushups
30 second plank
rest 60 seconds between sets

tough? you bet! worth every drop of sweat. I hope he will feel the same way…

Happy Friday,

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