“Family Circle” Article Review

I came across a January issue of Family Circle recently, and there was a nearly full page picture of a woman walking with two dogs. The title of the article (which took up VERY little space) was “Get Inspired,” and it listed a few ways to inspire and motivate yourself to lose weight. I think that they can ALSO be applied to people who are trying to IMPROVE their physical status. Here’s my take (which is likely to be even LONGER than the original):

No Skipping Allowed. Women who miss meals shed fewer pounds compared with those who get three squares a day, according to a recent study.” It is the last part of this one that kills me, “according to a recent study.” Really? Which one? Who wrote it? What were the parameters of the study? Who was involved? Who sponsored it? ALL KINDS of variables in this statement…Besides…I LOVE TO SKIP! In fact, our son and I did it in the Price Chopper parking lot yesterday.

Put it in writing. You’ll drop more weight if you record what you eat. Not the journaling type? Use a free smartphone app like SparkPeople’s Diet and Food Tracker.” About a year or two ago I was recording my intake every day. I GAINED weight. Yes, if you are honest, logging your food will help you KEEP TRACK of your intake (and perhaps calorie expenditure, too), but it doesn’t mean that you will magically lose weight if you write it down. But yes, it CAN HELP. It can ALSO help if you are trying to GAIN weight. Journaling or tracking your intake will simply tell you where you are in terms of intake/output. What you DO with that information is where you will notice weight gain or loss. No magic…

Buddy up. Exercise with a partner and you’re likelier to stick to your routine.” It goes on to talk about how dog walkers engage more in activity blah-blah-blah. I call BS, but that’s just me. FOR ME, running or working out ALONE works much better than doing it with other people. Perhaps it is my introvert personality and the fact that I prefer to ‘recharge’ in solitude. One thing that I DO like about this claim is the word ‘likelier,’ because just as likely, you won’t.

THAT SAID…are you looking for accountability? Are you in search of a virtual partner to bounce workouts off of or share ideas with? Hit me up! I’m presently working on some routines for a teen who is looking to improve his fitness level, chatting with some new runners, and learning from some seasoned professionals. If you are looking for weight loss inspiration, I’d be happy to help with that, too, just remember that it is ok for others too seek inspiration and accountability, too.

Let’s DO THIS!corn

*this has got to be THE corniest sounding post that i’ve written in a LONG TIME!! VIVA LA MAIZE!

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