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For as long as I can recall, music has been very important to me; it helps settle my mood, ramp up my mood, balance my mood, provide white noise, help me express my thoughts (dare i say feelings?), and transports me back in time. It is believed that the sense of smell is the one tied most tightly to memories; for me, sound comes in at a tie.
It is odd for me not to have some sort of music playing while i work, lounge around the house, drive, run, etc. My tastes run the gammut; the only kinds that I pretty much have little or no tolerance for are piano concertos and than new pop gimmick of voice synthesizing. yes, we get it; you have a keyboard and can manipulate voices. the 1970’s called: they want their technology and new ideas back…
Lately I’ve been using music to reflect my mood. Some of my more popular tunes have been “indestructible” – Disturbed, “Creep” – Radiohead, “Sabotage” -Beastie Boys, “Thank You” – Alanis Morrissette, “Grey Matter” – Jewel, “Running with the Devil” -VanHalen, “Thunderstruck” -AC/DC, “Crazy Train” -Ozzy, and “はじまりはいつも雨” (every time we meet it is raining) -ASKA. Today, though, I loaded “The Wall” soundtrack…
Big mistake.
My mood lately has been hovering between pretty good and dammitallijustdontgiveacrap. Guess which way “The Wall” pulled me? Yep, I spent the better part of the morning mired inside my own head. “Do i build walls around myself?” “are they to keep people OUT, or to keep me IN?” “what would happen if I were to ‘tear down the wall’?” “we DON’T need no education!”
yea, good times. then i found a Beastie Boys Cd and popped that into the PC. Turned on the office lights, put my rally cap on (an old, stinky, kinda beat-up UnderArmour running hat that a cousin gave to me years ago), and began to try to turn my day around. Is it working? For the most part I would have to say that it is working: i’ve solved some end-user issues, chatted with some coworkders about an incident that occurred 153424__amadeus_lyesterday, got some feelings out on paper (ok..EMAIL), and ate lunch.
The day hasn’t come all the way around yet, but at least I am moving it in a positive direction. I need to start using music not just as a way to keep my mood stable, but also to ELEVATE it to a mood that I WANT to be in.
Does music play a significant role in your life? If so, HOW? I’d love to hear about it in the comments…

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  1. I’m always amazed at the similarities in our escapes and coping techniques. Although I don’t at all remember music used in that way during our childhood, it has the same expressive and communicative ability for me. Very interesting….
    Love ya!!!

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