Rehydration and Electrolyte Replacement

Earlier this fall I mentioned that I’d seen one of our high school football players come off of the field during a game because of leg cramps. I learned that he’d been suffering from cramps for quite a while, and it sparked a good conversation on the way home about electrolyte balance, nutrition, and athletes.
Something that I’ve come to notice over the past few years is that there are many people carting around water bottles with them, as if we live in a desert and they don’t know if they will ever be able to get fresh water when they need it. Have you noticed this? I understand taking water to the gym, to the park, on a hike, etc. But to carry one around the office, everywhere you go? To the grocery store? Into wal-mart? I just don’t get. Why have we decided that we need need to be hyper hydrated?
My guess is that it is the salt that we consume. Ever have some Chinese food, or other salty food, and then become really thirsty? Bars us salty snacks to get us to order more drinks. Chips go with soda, right? Pizza and beer? Yep. Salty, salty, salty. And so we drink water. Chemically, water ‘follows’ salt.
As salts (and other electrolytes) enter your cells, water follows it. Ever felt ‘puffy’ after drinking water? It usually happens to me about 8 miles into a run, especially if I have been hydrating with something other than water (typically for me this is either Nuun or Gu Brew). THIS is the puffy I am talking about. When I ran my first 50 miler, I’d had a nice dinner of teriyaki chicken with veggie fried rice for dinner the night before. One of our family favourites, how could i resist? Well, lemme tell ya…NEXT time I will skip it. I’ll likely save that dinner for AFTER the race…here i talk about my fingers about 15 miles or so into the race:

As the race progressed, my hands kept swelling even though I was very watchful of my salt intake. By the end, I could hardly make a fist. 24 hours later, though, I was fine…electrolyte balance is a tricky thing. I’ll have more on this later.

FOR NOW, though, I invite you to try a new hydration/electrolyte replacement product that I have started to use: COCOGO! I received a box of several flavors to try, and I must say that I was delighted!! I am not a big fan of coconut water, but this product is mixed INTO water, so it really isn’t coconut water, see? Here are some statements from the website:
“Ever tasted a riptide or a glacier? Come on. Drinks with funky flavor names can’t compare with all-natural cocogo. Lemon Lime. Raspberry Passion Fruit. Grape.”
“Cocogo is made from actual fruit – and all the good stuff that comes with it. Natural ingredients. Natural flavors. Natural colors. There’s nothing fake about it.”

Boxes of 12 packets retail for just under $10US, translating to around 79 cents per serving
The box has serving size guides based on rehydration needs, but I only used one pack in a standard sized water bottle. The kind folks over at COCOGO have given me a discount code good for FREE SHIPPING when you buy from them through their online store! At checkout, use CODE: FRSH4COCOGO for free shipping!!!

FCC stuff: I received free samples to review, but the opinions are my own. I have no current financial link to ccocogo, and receive no commissions on sales.


  1. Such a tricky thing! I was well-hydrated during my first half last year, but the doc told me after in the med tent, that my excruciating cramps were from salt-depletion. It took hours to get it all right again. This looks like an interesting product.

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