Obstacle into Opportunity

Last week i had to reschedule my ‘head doc’ appointment for today, but mid morning instead of late afternoon. this meant i had to put in for a 2 hour ‘vacation’. it was granted, so i went to my appointment. after my 20 minute drive, i was told that the appointment was cancelled and rescheduled for friday afternoon. i can’t do friday this week, so instantly i was frustrated and angry. i left, got into my car, and started to stew. i called my wife to vent, saying that i was now headed to find massive amounts of cheap food that i could shove into my pie hole. i know that isn’t the right thing to do, but yes, i too tend to eat my emotions away sometimes…instead of taking the direct route back to work, i took a side road. it winds by one of my favourite trail systems, and at the last second i drove into the trailhead parking lot which is behind a set of pricy condos. outside the truck, on the side away from the condos, i stripped down and changed into my running clothes that i just so happened to toss in the truck this morning (hello, Fate…). Dressed but still chilly (it is only about 40 degrees here today), I headed off for a run.

Reebok OutdoorWild footprint in fresh snow
Fresh snow dusted the trail in spots, chipmunks scurried about collecting last minute food, and every once in a while the sun made it through the clouds and warmed me up a little. I squeezed in just over 5k, and felt SO REFRESHED when I got back to my truck. Quick towel off, then back into my work clothes. I left some mud on my calves as a souvenier, and headed back to work. On the way across the parking lot I called my wife and shared my good mood with her, and thanked her for letting me vent a little, which allowed me to be able to see the silver lining. With a little change in my perspective, I was able to turn that obstacle into an opportunity.


  1. Good job, friend. I’m in a funk at this very moment myself, I should probably run, I know it would make me feel worlds better!
    Side note: I saw “Obstacle” and was secretly hoping for a Spartan post 😛

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