This past Friday I had to schedule a meeting for Monday (yesterday). The meeting promised to be positive, but because I am who I am and do what I do, I’d fretted about it all weekend. As Monday morning rolled around I began to get more and more worked up about it. I’d even mentioned to a friend, “I can see a long treadmill run in my future tonight.”
The meeting turned out to be just as positive as it had promised to be, and as usual I got myself worked up over nothing. Time to work harder on changing those tapes…
When I got done with work I went to my abode and stood there looking at my OutdoorWild shoes from Reebok and they lay there near the door staring back at me. In those brief moments we bonded, I changed my clothes, and ran out the door. No treadmill for me!
Temps here have taken a nosedive, and in the waining daylight we’d gotten to about 34 or so. This called for my running tights (sugoi), a short sleeve tshirt and a long sleeve t shirt over it, gloves, and just a regular billed hat. No beanie required. Across the street there is an athletic fieled that is currently marked out for soccer, so my plan was to go over there and give my legs a good hammering. After about a half mile warm up I decided to try something new; the Burpee 110 (soccer field, hello! if it had been a football field, it would have been the Burpee 100). Here’s what I did:
I started at the midfield line and dropped to a burpee without push up.
After i pulled my legs back under me, i stood up and did a standing long jump in one fluid motion.
Landing in a low position, i extended my legs out the back, then back under me.
repeat for 55 meters (to the end line).
It took me 28 burpees to get there.
Then i jogged the length of the soccer field. On reaching the other end, i SPRINTED the width. At the other side, i jogged the length, then sprinted the other width. I did TWO LAPS of this.
Then i burpeed back to the midfield line. Only took me 23 burpees this time! WOOT WOOT….
About this time I noticed a sandbag at center field, so I walked out to it. It is about the size of two standard sandbags, and I’ve seen it used to hold down the goals. So i picked it up by two corners and flung it across my shoulders. OOOF.
This one is filled with ROCKS, not sand…
Starting at center field, I jogged to the sideline and did 10 air/half squats with the weight still across my shoulders. Back to midfield, 10 more squats. Then to other sideline, 10 more. Back to center, 10 more, then back to the original sideline for a last 10, making it 50. I jogged to the end line (55m), then did alternate lunges back to the midfield line. As i crossed the line, I dropped the bag off of my shoulders and SPRINTED to the other endline.opus running
HOLY CRAP!!!! not having that weight on me? I FELT LIKE I WAS FLYINGGGGGGGG!

Whole thing took 25 minutes. Today? My glutes are letting me know that I made the right choice to get outside and do this….

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