Give the gift of a #SpartanRace

Do you know someone on your Holiday list who has everything and is very hard to shop for (no, not me, although i fit the description)? Have you heard them talking about wanting to register for a Spartan Race but are having a tough time justifying the cost?
Do you have a racer in your circle of influence who could use a special bling for their office wall? Another reason to brag at the water cooler?
If you can answer YES to any of these questions, or if you find yourself thinking of YOURSELF after reading those questions, I have a solution for you.
yep. use the following codes at checkout:
SPRINT15 gets $15 off any sprint distance
SUPER25 gets $25 off any super distance
BEAST35 gets you…YEP! $35 off any BEAST distance.
Disclosure: I get NO kickback if you go here to select a race.

FULL Disclosure: I DO get a little kickback if you click the SPARTAN RACE banners on my web page (either to the left or at the bottom. clicky-clicky!). No added cost to you, but I get a little piece of the Spartan Race pie. MMMmmmm….pie.

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  1. What a great idea! I’ve decided next year instead of buying “things” I’m going to buy people experiences. This is a perfect gift for the runner in your life. Smart idea.

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