Review of Mizuno #WaveRider17

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno.
While I received the shoes for free, the reviews and here and on my youtube channel are MINE.

Out of the box I was happy with the sneakers; nice and light, flexible at the forefoot but firm in the middle. I’m not heavy, but I AM a heel-stiker. I was happy to see that there seemed to be plenty of cusioning in the heel area. Tread pattern isn’t very aggressive (I typically run on trails, so I’m accustomed to lugs, grooves, and pointy treads), but there are channels like on tires that seemed to be there to help flush water out to the sides.waverider17
Being that they are a new brand for me, I decided that my first run would be on a treadmill; if my feet hurt like crazy, I wouldn’t have to limp back home in the dark. For YEARS I’ve thought of myself as a size 8.5, and it wasn’t until about a year ago I realized that I do much better in a 9. The WaveRider17 size 9 fit me comfortably in terms of width across the ball of my foot, but did seem a bit long beyond my big toe. My feet are a little wide, but if they weren’t I think I’d be comfortable in an 8.5.
Running on the treadmill produced NO foot pain, no slipping, and no SLAP SLAP SLAP noise like some seem to do. Again, very pleased with performance in a controlled environment. For the next few days I wore the shoes around town and even wore them at work. As an RN I am on my feet all day, and they were comfortable; no notable fatigue or soreness at the end of the day.
Next step was to take them outside (YAY!). I decided to go for a run along pavement and dirt rail trail rather than actual trails for a few reasons: 1) these babies are WHITE! hello? muddy trails and white shoes don’t mix well. 2) the mud out there these days needs a bit more of an aggressive tread pattern. 3) the WaveRider17 is more of a ROAD SHOE anyway. (Sheesh, Gene. NOT EVERY SHOE is a trail shoe!). First (and last) .75 miles was on pavement, the rest (4 miles) on frozen dirt (essentially pavement). My biggest observation is that I barely noticed that I was wearing the sneaker. No pinching, no spilling, no digging into my tendon. Laces stayed tied tightly even with a single knot! There were a few times when I sprinted (FARTLEKS ftw!) and even at those speeds (think…turtle) the shoe held snugly. The route only had a mild hill, but going down the hill did not cause my foot to slip forward noticably.

In summary, I believe that the Mizuno WaveRider17 is a fantastic UPGRADE shoe. If you have been running for a while in your “i’ll just buy these sneakers in case I don’t really like running” shoes and are looking for something a bit more suitable to higher mileage or speed, THIS IS A GREAT CHOICE!!! Priced around $114 USD, this sneaker will easily get you through a winter of dreadmill running (for us northern folks) or several months worth of outdoor road or rail trail running.

See the shoe for yourself by clicking here.

See my VLOG review by going here.
All opinions are my own.

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