Book Review “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”

I was fortunate to be provided with a pre-release version of Tom Venuto’s book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. My reviews here and on Amazon are my own. I am not a professional book critic; I’m just a guy.
You can purchase the book by clicking this image or clicking this link.
(i hope. remember, i’m just a guy, not a web guru).BFFM_1

The book takes the reader though several stages of health improvement; from confronting myths about building muscle to explaining the why and how of macro nutrients to giving tips and suggestions for workout routines and food/fuel intake, to goal setting strategies.

I’d like to share with you some of my favourite take aways, but please keep in mind that the page numbers of the official version might not be the same as the unedited version that I reviewed.

I really liked the chapter about goal setting because I feel that one of the keys to success in any arena is the formation of good, solid goals at the beginning of the process. I’ve spoken with many people who struggle with goal setting (as I do from time to time), and the points here are well given and appropriate:
P.101 “Set goals to become better than you used to be, not become better than someone else” (emphasis added by me). Indeed. I have started to toss around the hashtag #meversusyesterme as a reminder to myself that the only real competition for me is who I WAS.
P.102 “Establish the emotional reasons why you want to achieve your goals.” So true. If you have a “WHY” attached to your goal it will be self-motivating.
Chapter 5 is titled “Tracking Progress: The Feedback Loop System that Won’t Let You Fail” and is well worth the read. It talks to the importance of monitoring your progress closely.
Chapter 10, “Protein, the Muscle Builder and Metabolic Stimulator” sheds light on amino acids and protein quality as well as answers the question “Can a vegetarian follow Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle?”
Toward the end, Tom addresses alcohol and your health and explains “the difference between activity and training.” Some interesting ideas here!
Before the in depth workout plans and suggestions at the very end, Tom takes some time to explain “The Ten Biggest Weight Training Myths that Hold You Back from Achieving Your Best Body.” Here are my two favourite: #3) You have to join a gym to get good results, and #10) You’re the only one who feels overwhelmed, uncomfortable, confused, or not sure where to start.
I think that most of us have been in that #10 position at least ONCE in our fitness/wellness quest, so it was comforting for me to see it dispelled on this list.

I said in my Amazon review that this book will make a good keeper and gifter: one for you, one for a friend. Here’s your chance to win my pre-publication copy that has been inscribed by the author Tom Venuto. All you have to do is leave a comment in the…ummm…comment section below. This Friday I’ll dump those names into a random number generator and pick a winner who I will announce on FB (bigzigfitness soboleski) and twitter (@bigzigfitness). Sound good? YOU BET IT IS!!!


  1. Sounds like a great book. Love and agree with everything you pointed out. Especially goal setting and only competing against OURSELVES. As a female fitblogger I have to remind myself of that constantly.

    • Excellent question, Deb! I’ve not done the workouts. I’ve adjusted some of my food intake and paid close attention to the sections on nutrition and goals, but have not done any of the weights/resistance workouts. Yet.

  2. Gene, I too loved the sections on mental training and reflecting on progress. So much of moving forwards is about setting intentions and evaluating the results of our efforts. In life, as well as fitness, right?

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