I’m featured on a podcast!

There’s a tempest brewing in my little teapot, but here’s an interesting glimmer of…well, not hope, really, but let’s just say an interesting glimmer and just leave it at that, mmmkay?

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Adam over at lifestyleaccountability.com and was asked if I would be interested in being featured on a future podcast. I did a little research on the site and saw that some other FB and Twitter friends had been on the show, so I agreed. Adam and I came up with a date and time for the interview and it went off quite well, I thought.

This evening hasn’t been a great one for me, and it took a turn toward worse, so of course i hopped on social media to rant and vent and try to get some inner peace before i attempted to sleep. (as you can tell it didn’t work).

I saw a tweet with a timestamp of mid day on Friday, and it was a link to my interview! woot woot! In case you are having trouble sleeping, too, I invite you to have a listen and maybe even come back to Adam’s site when you are awake…there are several interesting interviews to be heard…

Thanks, Adam, for letting me share some of my story…


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