An end to dreary, indoor runs and rides?

A few years ago we purchased a middle-of-the-line treadmill from NordicTrac. My wife made the deal with me that if after 3 years (the service warranty length) I found that I wasn’t using it much, we’d sell it; no space for dormant equipment in our basement. With a firm handshake (wink wink), we sealed the deal.
One of the things that sold me on the model we chose was that it has the ability to integrate with a device called #iFit. This device promised to connect to a computer and display the route via Google Maps™. Sounded like a FANTASTIC idea, especially since the only place the treadmill would fit would be to face the TV in our basement. Match made in heaven!
The gist is that you can program in a route on the device/computer, and the treadmill would automatically adjust incline depending on the actual route (mine doesn’t DECLINE, so…but still!) and you could see yourself running along the route on your monitor. Want to train for a specific race? Plug in that route and see what you’ll see! Pick out landmarks along the way to help you gauge your progress on race day! Sounds techno-perfect!
But I never bought the device. I wanted to, badly, but never did. I came up with a million reasons not to make the purchase.

Now, though, i am GLAD I waited!!!! (Funny how some things work out that way!)
#iFIT has a new product line coming out that they will introduce at the 2014 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Vegas. From the Fort Mill Times:
“iFit® is the first ever technology to unify your fitness activities at home, in the club, and outside, all with a single login. With over 15 million miles logged on fitness equipment in 2013, iFit® is continually growing and evolving to create the most interactive workout experience possible.”

The article goes on to confirm what I hoped would be true: “Through iFit’s partnership with Google Maps™, create a route anywhere in the world and internet-connected, iFit-enabled fitness equipment will automatically adjust the incline and decline to the match the geo-tags in the Google Maps. Enjoy watching Street View on iFit-enabled fitness equipment with tablet consoles, or watch Google Street View on your tablet or internet TV.”

YEA, BABY!! The new iFit Active wearable band goes where you go, and can be set to turn on/off automatically based on movement. Upload the data to the web, see where you’ve been (hide one in your kid’s car….BAHAHAHAHA….) But seriously, I’m pretty excited about this new offering. Not just another gadget, this device can seriously help me reach my fitness goals for 2014, and I am pretty sure that it can help you reach yours as well. I can’t wait for it to come out. Seems to be available in Spring 2014 and will retail for somewhere around $129(USD). It includeds the iFit Active app for both iOS and ANDROID (YIPEEE!).

BOLO, ’cause YOLO.


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