Not the man I used to be…

When I’m in trouble or out of step
If my balance has been upset
Oh, there’s a feeling I can’t accept
There’s one thing that helps me to forget
Wonder what I’m thinking
Wonder why I’m drinking
But it’s plain to see,
I’m not the man I used to be.
-Fine Young Cannibals-

I’ve been out of sorts for a long time. I can’t recall getting excited to just go for a run since the Vermont50 back in September. Sure, I’ve run a bunch of times (well, a small bunch…) just for fun, and I have put in some good miles as part of some product testing that I’ve done, but I haven’t just gone out for a run in the woods or done a workout at home ‘just because’ in like…forever.
Why not? I have spent a lot of time (probably too much) wondering what is going on…though not drinking, as the lyrics mention.
What I have come to realize is that at since I finished the 50, I haven’t had a goal. I’ve not had a WHY other than general health maintenance.

This weekend I will do some thinking and some chatting to help me determine a new WHY which will help me determine some new fitness and personal goals and with that, I imagine, I will start getting back on track the the man i used to be.

Note: When I started writing, my head was full of fire on this topic. About two sentences in, however, it became time to head to bed with B Man. We both fell asleep in a pile of stuffed animals while trying to watch an episode of Full House. So, indirectly, you have Bob Saget to thank for sparing you from my unguided ramblings.

I hope to see you back here soon, as I’m wrapping up a review of @COREPOWER Protein Drink that will include a giveaway! Everyone loves free stuff, right????

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