LOOK! I lost 10 pounds in 15 minutes. YOU CAN, TOO!

Last week or so Carla Birnberg wrote an article on her web page called “My FAT to FIT Fabrication” which was inspired by another article she read over at Business Insider Australia about a personal trainer who took some before and after photos that were taken about half an hour apart. Hop on over there to see what I mean. The two articles (Carla’s and Mel’s) help to point out the ridiculousness of fad diets, crash weight loss, advertising gimmicks, and the gullibility of the general public. I’d seen Mel’s post a while back, and thought it was interesting that the article was on an Aussie site; evidence that it isn’t only the American public who can be so easily duped.
Back when I’d read Mel’s piece, I thought it would be fun (at least for me) for ME to do one of those before and after shots. Mel added fake tan and hair extensions…you’ll see below that those aren’t really options for me. It wasn’t until after I’d seen Carla’s article that I decided to go ahead and take some pictures of myself and see if I could pull off the before/after look. I guess I should have worn different shorts, but I was trying to take them before anyone woke up and questioned my sanity (although that’s pretty much a moot point). Also off the table is a man-scaped chest. My wife has forbidden me to shave it, so ya’ll are stuck with looking at my hairier-than-your-average-bear chest. Be thankful it isn’t a picture of my back (you’re welcome).
In the span of 5 minutes I lost about 10 pounds and gained a bit of muscle. Not much, as I don’t have much to work with, but the point is…well, what IS the point? A good chuckle, I gather, about the ridiculousness of it all. As humans, sometimes we look our best, sometimes we don’t. And that’s ok.



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