@CorePower: not just for #Olympians or #Spartans

When I travel both short and long distances, I like to have a drink with me; who doesn’t, right? Most of the times it is coffee, sometimes it is water. There are times, though, when I want something with a little more substance. More nutrients. More oomph. More healthy bang for my buck. Several months ago I saw a product on the shelves that has a two part name, the second one rhyming with ‘silk’. Come to find out, there isn’t ANY milk in this product. WHAT? Indeed. I am not a huge fan of milk, anyway, but I just have a hard time with a product having a name like that which doesn’t even CONTAIN the ingredient. Imagine giving your spouse a dozen roses that were actually a dozen open-end box wrenches. Not even CLOSE to the same. Dumb.
A few months later I saw another product in the store that has a similar bottle, and was intrigued. I grabbed a chocolate one and was pleased with the texture and flavour. No chalky feeling, and no sour after-taste. Could I have found what I’ve been looking for?
When I saw the chance to apply to be a reviewer for @CorePower through #FitFluential, I leapt at the chance! After I found out I’d been chosen, I was pretty psyched: what better chance to explore a new drink and pass along some of it to one of my readers? None, actually. I received a box of goodies a few weeks ago, and have been trying out the drinks since. Here is what I received, which is what ONE LUCKY READER will receive from COREPOWER: gym bag with special side pocket for your dirty sneakers or sweaty, smelly clothes, exercise ball (with PUMP!!), yoga mat, insulated Camelbak water bottle, gym towel, workout DVD, and some bottles of COREPOWER. Get Fit
My sample included banana, vanilla, and chocolate. Although I am typically only a fan of banana flavored bananas, and not much else, this drink didn’t have that fake banana flavour that most ‘banana flavoured’ things have. The vanilla was a rich, smooth drink. The chocolate was by far my fave. RICH, CREAMY, DARK….mmmmm….sooooo gooooooood……There are 2 ‘light’ offerings in the family as well; chocolate and strawberry banana.
5 Olympic Bottles
Another thing about this product is that they are currently sponsors of two events that are near and dear to me: the Olympics and Spartan Races. From the time I was in junior high and introduced my Dad to cross country skiing I have been a big fan of the winter Olympics.Now that the Olympics are underway, keep an eye out for #TeamCorePower members, Jazmine Fenlator, USA Bobsled Pilot, and Emily Cook, Aerial Skier. Core Power is at their side in Sochi, powering their recovery all the way to the podium! As a runner, I am also a fan of the summer games (though not figure skating or floor gymnastics. i just don’t get those. but i digress). As many of you know this past fall I ran my first @SpartanRace, and then ran another one. This year I plan to do 3 more, culminating with the BEAST at Killington (hold me). The folks at COREPOWER see the demands of these events and bring a quality, high protein drink to the game.
For those concerned about lactose intolerance, these drinks contain NO LACTOSE. That’s right. DRINK UP! There are no powders, preservatives, or lactose in ANY of the flavors. No sediment! No chunks!
COREPOWER is available in most major retailers, and I have also seen it in a few convenient stations in my area. As I posted to instagram, I even found it at Logan International and San Diego International airports.
Now for the contest: Leave a comment below saying that you would like to be entered into the drawing. Same thing on FB. Yes, you can enter more than once, but only once on the blog and once on FB (total of TWO max entries per person). Names will be assigned numbers, and the winner will be chosen at random using random.org this THURSDAY (Feb 20, 2014).

In disclosure, I was chosen by @CorePower and #FitFluential to receive some products for review and the use as a prize for a give away. Opinions here are all my own, however, and were not influenced by receipt of the items.


  1. Thank you for trying this! I have been curious myself, but am not so adventurous to try new things. I will now try this.
    Be well!

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