Do one thing, every day, to move closer to your goals

It doesn’t matter how small. It really doesn’t. Things add up. I have become an example of the way small things can add up. I used to be fit. I used to run quite a bit.
Then I let little things slide: I wouldn’t do all four sets, I would do only 2. Then only one, then none. I would run 10 miles in the woods. Then I’d run 5 walk 3. Then I’d run only three. Now running 3 is tough for me. I ate fewer salads and more pasta. Drank less water and more coffee. The little things added up, and now I’m the heaviest and most out of shape that I’ve been in probably the past 3 years.
But I’ve started to make changes in the RIGHT direction to get myself back to my goals and back to being on track to the type of person I want to be.
I’ve stopped eating desserts. I’ve stopped snacking between meals. I’ve started to drink more water. I’m moving more, sitting less. I kicked my butt with a “four for the core” workout inspired by Shannon over at Check out her youtube channel for the workout (can’t link to it from this computer….). 4 sets of 10 reps of walk out planks, walking planks, shoulder taps, and a crazy alternating hip plank that really smashed my obliques.
Last night we had Chinese take out (take ‘away’ for my friends across the pond…) and although I typically eat my entire meal, this time I only ate half, and saved the other half for today’s lunch. It wasn’t easy for me to back away from the container last night, but I DID IT.
Tomorrow my plan is to get up a little early and hit the treadmill for at least a mile; even if it is an easy mile, every little bit counts.
What are some things that YOU can do this week, no matter how small, to move you toward your goals? Doesn’t have to be a fitness/wellness goal. It could be a career goal, family goal, or any other aspect in your life where you’ve made a goal and need to get moving toward attaining it.
Let’s help each other reach our goals…

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