Snake Oil Salesman gets Jail Time

I recently read an article in the USAToday that actually made me a little happy. Seems that there is a guy named Kevin Trudeau who has “made a career out of hawking unconventional or unproven health advice in books and infomercials” and he’s been sentenced to 10 years in prison “since November, when jurors convicted him of criminal contempt for defying the 2004 court order barring him from running false ads about his book….Despite the order, Trudeau aired the infomercials 32,000 times, according to prosecutors.” (Source).
Among other things mentioned in the article, “His claims about coral calcium drew an FTC lawsuit in 2003 that accused Trudeau and associates of making unsubstantiated claims of it as a cure for cancer, heart disease and other maladies.” According to Wikipedia, “Coral calcium has been promoted as an alternative treatment or cure for a number of health conditions, including cancer. There is no medical evidence to support these claims, and coral calcium has been identified by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a “Fake Cancer ‘Cure’ Consumers Should Avoid”.[2][3] The Federal Trade Commission prosecuted several individuals for making unsupported health claims about coral calcium,[4] and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has issued a consumer advisory regarding false and misleading marketing claims associated with coral calcium supplements.[5]” (Source)
When I first read that the FDA was warning against it, I was slightly confused. The FDA is ‘ok’ with so many carcinogens and obesogens, why should i really care what they say about coral calcium? When I saw that the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)..oh, wait. That’s a government agency too…ummm…well, reGARDLESS, I am happy that someone who is targeting the uneducated is being prosecuted for this crime. It is good to see that he was afforded a trial, and that a jury found him guilty.
Now if someone would just do the same for the Shakeweight, the Ab Roller, and other unnecessary gadgets.

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  1. Trudeau is SO SLIMY! When first told to stop hawking his wares in his infomercials, he simply paid someone else to appear on screen with him and say all the things he was forbidden to say himself.

    He kept a rotating stable of “cohosts” so the Feds could do nothing about it.

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