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I love me some almonds. I love me some peanuts.
Did you know that the brown skin on almonds and peanuts (and perhaps other nuts, but ain’t nobody got time for them) are high in nutrients? Yep. This is why I’d rather shuck peanuts while standing in line at 5 Guys Burgers than eat them from a jar.
Here’s the thing, though. “Using the Model Gut Platform at the Institute of Food Research (IFR) in Norwich, England, researchers led by IFR’s Giuseppina Mandalari report that both natural and blanched almond skins produced significant increases in the poplulation of various gut microbes, including bidiobacteria, according to the findings published in the journal of the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS), Microbiology Letters.” (source)
So? Allow me this quick science refresher. When bacteria ‘do their thing’, gas is a by-product of this process. Yep. Gas. Flatulence. Toots. Fart$. All that stuff. And it has to come out at some point. Sometimes it isn’t the most….convenient time for you. Or me.
Or my chiropractor.
Thankfully, though, I have some pretty strong spincter muscles. Before I went to my chiropractic appointment yesterday, I had some Mad River Mojo @VTPeanutButter (web site) (thanks, WEEB!!). When they mash up the peanuts, they leave the skins on. I scarfed down about 2 Tbsps of the stuff with a banana and headed off to my appointment.
The drive over took about 15 minutes, just enough time for the microbes to start doing what they do.
As I was lying on the table, I could feel things begin to percolate in my gut. NO NO NO! I this can’t be happening NOW! Next I had to get contorted a bit so i could be adjusted…then the Doc squeezes me to realign my back.
HOLD IT HOLD IT HOLD IT!!!! Tough to relax my back and shoulders while my ‘lower muscles’ are in full on PUCKER MODE.
Annnnnd…..I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THE WAITING AREA!!! Oh, MAN. swipe my card, swipe my card, sign receipt, say good bye, excuesmeasiplowoverclientsinanefforttogetoutside…annnnnnnddd….
Let’s just say it was a little extra breezy in northern Hanover yesterday afternoon. Did anyone notice?
So the protip I leave you with is to be mindful of what the next few hours will bring before you shovel those nuts into your mouth eat almonds, peanuts, or other nuts that still have their skin on.

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