Workouts getting dull? These ideas might help.

day 6 (?) of the #Spartan30 push up challenge. since I don’t travel and there aren’t any nearby landmarks, I’ve been trying to come up with ways to shake things up a bit. 30 days of 30 push ups can become a bit monotonous, right? so far, with the creative help of Kelly Wilson, there have been regular push ups, diamonds, feet on stability ball, and hands on BOSU. tonight I did a modified ‘push up mountain climber suicide’ routine. huh? yep. started with 4 p/u and 8 mtn climbers (each foot), then 5 p/u and 7 mtn climbers, ending at 8 p/u and 4 mth climbers. 4+5+6+7+8= 30. since the challenge is for push ups, i started low and ended high, so that the focus would be on pushing myself to the 8 even after i was winded. and yes, i went straight from the p/u into the climbers and back, no rest.
“i didn’t share this to impress you, but to press UPON you” that it is ok to get creative with your workouts. when you find that your workouts are getting stale, and they will, feel free to shake things up a bit. the ‘confusion’ involved helps keep your body changing, and helps to prevent plateaus. (this is basically the idea behind programs like P-90X).
get creative:
new to running and looking for a challenge? add ‘fartleks’ to the mix. experiment with speed play. sprint to the next mailbox/street sign/drain/group of trees then slow it down for a bit. do it again, but for a different distance.
cyclist? try a snail race. see how SLOWLY you can get from A to B without touching the ground. this will help with your balance and will help strengthen your core. it is fun to learn how much control it takes to remain stationary and upright on a bike!
swimmer? i got nuthin’. try not to drown? yea, that!
if you have a sports field to run around, try this: sprint the width, then at each corner, use 30 seconds to do something different. for example start off with jumping jacks, then run to the next corner. at that one, do push ups, then sprint across the short side. do 30 seconds of half squats, run the length, plank for 30 seconds, then sprint back to the first corner, where you can start all over again after a 1 minute break.
good times!
do you have any workouts that you like to use to shake things up a bit? share!

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