Dropping Balls, #PlayInMay style…

Today’s edition of the play in may challenge comes to you late, because lately that’s what I have been doing. Over promising and under delivering-ing.
I can’t seem to get out of my own way lately. “I’ll get the laundry”, “I’ll email that to you later today”, and “I should have that to you by COB tomorrow” are all things that have said that I would do…but instead dropped the ball and came in late.
Bills…oooohhh, don’t get me started on bills. I’m SO LATE on some of them that I’m almost ready to just start selling body parts (yours, not mine. duh.) to pay them off. Sadly, my only experience with removing body parts is from playing “Doctor” “Operation” with the kids. BBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZTTTTT. Oh, and watching Criminal Minds. That rocks. “Talk to me baby girl.” HAHAHAHAH
I try very hard to keep my promises. I know what it feels like to be let down, and I hate it when i make bad decisions and end up dropping the ball on others. Just isn’t fair to them, ya know?
But I’ve done it. I do it. I am doing it right now. There are dishes in the sink that need to be washed. My wife really doesn’t like to get up and see dirty dishes in the sink, so I try to (or at least SAY I will try to) get them done before I go to bed. I’m last one down, first one up here most days. Good opportunity for me to do the dishes. But lately I’ve tended not to do it.

Note: the other thing that’s dropping around here are my eyelids. I just typed a bunch of garbage because I was dozing off at the keyboard. Lovely.

So I leave you with that. Sorry for the short post, especially if you came here looking for more comic gold a la “Quitcher Bitchen”. Lemme assure you that there s plenty more where THAT came from, sistah.

Buenos nighttime.


  1. The natural ebb and flow of awesome is well documented. In my mind. As a reason for why I am how I am. So there’s that. I support your balls dropping.

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