Art…make something beautiful #PlayInMay

I had a moment of panic when I saw today’s topic. I’m not much of an artsy-guy. Ok, maybe I am. I appreciate most artistic expression. “Starry Night”? Yep. Cadillac Ranch? You betcha. Music, some dance, and some theater? Yep, yep, and yep (God I hope I get it, I hope I GET it!). I was stymied by the ‘make something beautiful’ part. As far as I know, the only beautiful thing I’ve made looks (looked) like this, and I had a lot of help:

I do, however, like to draw. Mostly i draw cartoon versions of myself and my family, but sometimes i’ve drawn landscapes, still life, and cartoon-ish pictures of people in various situations. I once created a coloring book for kids who were facing minor surgery at a local hospital. It was a lot of fun to do!
Sometimes my demons come out in my art:

Other times, some pretty interesting things emerge from the tip of my pen (not a metaphor. SO not a metaphor. ew).

I’ve not shared these with anyone other than immediate family. Most were drawn around 5-6 years ago. Thank you, my 8 viewers, for giving me a place to feel ‘safe’ sharing.

Clearly i have NO IDEA how to post images neatly to my blog. Peace!


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