Ketchup. Catsup. Catch up… #PlayInMay

Over the weekend I was meant to post about something that I made. Monday was supposed to be a limerick. Yesterday’s topic was “that time i f&#$)ed up”, and TODAY is double entendre day.
Happy HUMP day to y’all.

Something that I made? Tough to post about making a mistake, as I’m not quite sure that’s what was inteneded. Some thing that i’ve fabricated? Lies don’t count, do they? i don’t make many, but i have made some pretty darn good ones. But here’s something more real, and perhaps along the lines of what the topic of “make a thing” was supposed to be about.
Fences. I make fences and walls. I prefer to make stone walls, because I have a better appreciation for their asthetics than I do a fence. I don’t put up metal fences, just wooden ones. At our house, I’ve built one stone wall, two picket style fences, two walls with timbers (one railroad ties and the other with 6×6 landscape timbers), and three fences that I don’t know how to describe. Of course I don’t have any pictures. THAT would be too easy.
Not having a picture to describe my most popular fence counts as “that time I f(*&#$ed up”. I’ve been asked by neighbours on BOTH sides to put up that kind of fence along our property lines with them. (Now that I think about it, maybe that’s really just a back handed compliment…”Hey, nice fence. could you put one here, too? maybe about 8 feet tall? that’d be great…..)
“good fences make great neighbours”…..doesn’t really count as ‘double entendre’, does it. OH! and i’ve skipped straight over Limerick day. back the truck up, Hoss…..

There once was a man who only ate salads,
who ran to 80’s rock ballads.
He wound up in jail
For stealing some kale,
And now he eats sausage.

BOOM. Two-fer. You’re welcome.
Happy HUMP day.


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