oops…day late. Fashion rewind. #PlayInMay

Given some recent comments from co-workers, I’m probably NOT the best person to be dispensing fashion advice. My chiropractor’s wife/office manager even commented the other day, “are all of your tshirts from events? i don’t think we’ve ever seen you in a shirt that isn’t from a race…”
well, this is mostly true. SOME of them are just from products that I use…
Today (yesterday) was supposed to be about fashion that we’d like to see come back. Although I am not a fan of basketball, my wish is that the uniforms from the 1980s would come back. PLEASE. Why? Simple.
Because it seems like the ONLY shorts that are for sale in stores these days are of the current NBA style, which are a cross between gouchos and kapris (NEITHER of which belong on a basketball court OR my body). I just want a pair of shorts that actually weigh LESS than my pants and won’t FWAP FWAP FWAP against my legs when I walk.
For those of you too young to recall the 1908s, here is a picture of Larry, and then a picture of some other guy who plays currently. See the difference?
Please, PLEASE bring this kind of shorts back. IF not ‘in style’, at least ‘in stores’. Thanks.

disclaimer: i lifted both of these photos from google images. meh.

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