Irrational Hate. Today, on #PlayInMay

Living organisms with more than 4 legs or less than 2 legs. Yep. Snakes, insects, spiders, eels, fish, whales, seals, dolphins, etc. etc. I wouldn’t say that I have an irrational FEAR of these things, just an irrational HATRED of such.
I mean seriously. Would you do this???

irrational bug
(this is NOT me, btw…)

I have never been mortally wounded (obviously) by any of the above, nor have I been incapacitated for any length of time because of them (either directly OR indirectly). Although there was this one time, at band camp I have been stung many times and bitten by countless mosquitos and saber-tooth black flies, that’s not why I hate them.
I just hate them because they are alive.
Dead ones are no problem. I once (ok, more than once) smushed a bug (it was a big sucker) on a wall and LEFT IT THERE for months as a warning to other such bugs. After that, though, no more bugs were seen in that room.
Dead fish on my plate (and in my belly)? YES, please! Eels, too. YUM!
Yes, yes, sanctitiy of life, blah blah blah.
I just hate them. Irrationally.irrtional fish

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