What’s in YOUR purse errr….wallet. #PlayInMay

HI! remember me? I’ll get to my wallet in a few, but first…
Last week I was meant to write about my *#&$ Uterus (yes, it deserves a capital U), a work of fiction, being a boy, feeling a thing, and a hero. In an effort to catch up, here goes nuthin’:

When I was a wee lad in Fiji, I had a feeling that my #*($&^ Uterus hated me. Rather than do something about it, I went to the deli and got an Italian hero with extra onions. The End.

I also missed the day in pictures. Here’s what I found in the middle of the trail while running earlier this week. Yep, that’s a deer leg. Another one was about 1/4 mile down the trail. Good times. leg I didn’t do the book report post, either. I left a review of Obstacle Race Training by Margaret Schlachter on Amazon, thought. Click that link back there to read it.
Today is “inside my purse with pictures” and since I only carry a purse when I am shopping (or leaving a restaurant) with my wife, I dumped out my wallet and took a picture of its contents. Lucky you.
Note the lack of cash. I hate cash. Or rather, it hates ME, as every time I actually HAVE some, it leaps from my hands into the hands of someone behind a counter. Maybe my money thinks it is safer back there? I dunno. My ACLS card is one of my favourite things in my wallet. So is the Emergency Services card for my head doc’s office. Yeah. wallet
That’s all I have in there. Sometimes it feels too bulky and I leave it in the car. Or on the counter. Or at the library. Yep. Done that.
What’s in YOUR wallet?


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