Why Improvement Efforts Fail (part 2)

Recap: Last week I wrote about an article I’d read regarding why hospital improvement efforts fail and made an attempt to show that they were some of the same reasons that personal efforts fail..here are some more:

  • Key Factor 4: Failing to Create a Realistic Plan or Improvement Process
    This one is similar to the first reason. Interesting, isn’t it, that 2 of the top 4 point to the same issue? To paraphrase the article (referece link in part 1), “When leaders [YOU} do not take the time to create effective action plans or processes for desired changes…the outcomes associated with the activity are almost always negative or, at a minimum, are less than optional.
  • Key Factor 5: Ineffective and Top-Down Communication
    We’ve all had jobs like this, right? Head office tells us what to do, management makes us track this, report on that (TPS Reports?) If you allow your trainer, infomercial, or great Aunt tell you what you SHOULD be doing for exercise or food intake without YOUR imput, your improvement efforts are doomed to fail. YOU need to drive the conversations, YOU need to set reasonable expectations of yourself and your coach/trainer/Aunt can help you get there.
  • Key Factor 6: A Weak Case for Change, a Lack of Focus, and Unclear Desired Outcomes
    What does THAT mean? For me, and I suspect others as well, it means that I need a WHY. I need something to drive me to get up aod DO. Sure, I understand that a why can be “so that I don’t get winded walking up the driveway.” There is no requirement that a WHY must be something on a grand scale. Your WHY should be centered on YOU. My WHY can be that I want to set a good example for the boys. My WHY can be that I want to live a fuller life than some of my relatives. It can be both of those some days. Or it can be that I want a large creemee with rainbow sprinkles. Just HAVE A WHY. :

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