Small wonder…

Small wonder that people are so confused when it comes to what to do about getting into shape, staying in shape, what IS my shape?, which workout is the best/worst/most efficient/HOT TOPIC/ermagerrrrd crsssfrrrrrtttt.crossfitter1

Today I read an article highlighting a report from a European country (errr…umm…i SWEAR that the original story i read was from Europe. now, though, my research only turns up an article from USAToday (scoff) and it talks about a 2013 Sleep in America poll. pshaw.) that says that you’ll get BETTER sleep if you exercise vigorously even within 4 hours of trying to sleep.
One of the comments that I found particularly interesting was this one:
“The idea that exercise late in the day is bad for sleep was always based on conjecture and anecdote, Phillips and others say. The theory was that the stimulation of exercise, combined with rises in body temperature, would keep people awake.”
I’ll let that sink in… “was always based on conjecture“. WHAT?
Yes. How many of us have wanted to workout or run or piyo or whatever before bed but then remembered that one “shouldn’t” workout too close to bed time for fear of never falling asleep? ME! yep. it never made sense to me, to be honest, but hey, who am I to go against the experts? HA!
Lovely. Small wonder that we have a tough time figuring out what is ‘best’ for us. One axiom that I’ve come to embrace is that “The one that you’ll do” as the answer to the question, “which kind of workout/diet/sleep pattern is best for me?”
you know I am.
Here’s my suggestion: go ahead, read all the mumbo-jumbo out there. take it ALL in. Go paleo. Don’t go Paleo. Avoid gluten. Eat ALL THE GLUTEN! Run long and far. Skip LSD workouts and to Fartleks only. Tri. Don’t Tri. Crsfert (or don’t, actually…) yoga. stretch. never stretch. read all about all of it. then, when you have time left over, figure out which one will most likely work best for you FOR THE LONG TERM.
And do that more often than you don’t.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Take YOUR word for it.

(yes, i realize that i’ve basically said NOTHING of import here today. you’re welcome).


  1. Sorry to disagree, Gene, but you’ve said the most important thing: “Don’t take my word for it, though. Take YOUR word for it.” Why do people have so much trouble thinking for themselves?

    In the last several years, I have lost, and kept off. 50 pounds by asking myself “what do I want to eat?” I do not follow any diet. I do find that what I really want is simple, healthy food, preferably local, preferably organic–mostly whole grain, locally grown, grass-fed protein, and vegetables.

    Also, I joined my favorite local gym. The people are fun, companionable as well as supportive. Call me strange, but truly, I love Nautilus machines, especially the gravitron. I can really get into this stuff.

    People always say that this is too expensive. I am over 70 and have zero medical expenses. I like dentists, but can’t quite trust big pharma. I understand this goes against conventional wisdom, but I do like to think for myself and make my decisions accordingly.

    Kathleen (who lived across the street from your father in North Haven and who reads your blog via LinkedIn)

    • thanks for commenting, Kathleen! i don’t see where we disagree, though…
      i am glad that you’ve found a good local gym! a supportive, fun community is essential, IMHO, to maintaining wellness.

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