Today: Joy, Gooch, and Surviving

This morning I had the pleasure of seeing a friend from ‘back in the day’ who I hadn’t seen since June of 1986. We graduated from high school that June, and we each went our separate ways. That was (holy crap) twenty-eight years ago. Some of my readers hadn’t even been born yet. Wow…
Recently we’ve reconnected on the book of faces, and have kept in touch that way. Come to find out that for the past year or so, she’s been driving within 2 miles of our house several times a week. Why?
Stupid chemo. My classmate had been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer just over a year ago, and was told that she might not make it to see her youngest son graduate from high school this June.
Clearly, this cancer had never met ‘Gooch’ or her family. And don’t bother asking about where ‘Gooch’ came from. It was more than 30 years ago, and I have no idea…ANYWAY, she WAS able to attend her son’s graduation and all of the associated parties. It was wonderful to read about her successes of the past few months, including the ‘survivor’ party that she threw at her house last weekend. I wish that I could have been there, but I’d already had another commitment.
Yesterday Gooch had a yard sale and posted some of her items to her page. One of the pics was of some exercise bands and one of those doorway chin up bars that cantilever into a doorway. I shot her a message and an offer, and she accepted, saying that they would be in our area today(!) and could swing by to drop off the goodies.
I was PSYCHED. Not so much about the items, but that I’d get to see her and her husband. I wanted to give her a big ‘ol healthcare provider hug and congratulate her on her success. I usually keep my phone on silent while I am at this job, but today I turned on the buzz so that I would know when they got here.
When the text came, I pretty much bolted for the door. Gooch opened the car door and got out and my heart leaped for joy. She looked so much better than I expected! When we hugged hello, I swear I felt this rush of energy FROM her! No kidding. You know that calm feeling that you get when you hug a loved one? This was the opposite, but in a refreshing way. No foolin’.
We chatted for a short while; Gooch and hubby were in the area for groceries. “Not really fun”, her husband said, “but at least we aren’t going to the hospital this trip.” Indeed.
The three of us chatted about how important it is to take life one day at a time, to cherish what you have, and not get so wrapped up in what may come that you miss what you already have.
As we hugged good-bye, I felt that rush again. And I felt Joy. And maybe, just maybe, a little Peace.
Thank you, Gooch.


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