we don’t need no stinkin’ routines!

ohhhhh….yes we do. Routines…
i love routines. i also love spontoneityspontaneity..sponteneity….MY KINGDOM FOR A DICTIONARY….being free of Spirit.

Our lunches and dinners stay pretty normal. Kiddo went to a day camp nearly every day this summer, had fun with his friends from school and other schools, swam more than he would have otherwise, went on some cool field trips, and got wonderfully tan.
nights, though, were quite often spent glued to the tube of you, watching videos from other kids around the world, scheming how he could make his own hilarious videos, then hopping onto the ps3 to try out new things he’d learned about MineCraft and GTA-V. Yes. GTA-V. I’ll add here that he beat the game. At least to the point where he completed all of the regular game missions, and now only has to run around collecting papers, hazardous waste, and space ship parts to TRULY beat the game. #parentoftheyear
Late nights, falling asleep on the couch; us leaving him there, covered by the cats and the occasional go-gurt wrapper. (by occasional i mean every time, and several of them). sleepy B
Starting last Friday, we tried to get through his skull B to understand that starting SUNDAY night we’d be back to the same ol school routine: sleeping in BED (he has his OWN ROOM NOW for the FIRST TIME in 6 years!), going to bed at a decent time, more frequent showers, less screen time (THAT went over GREAAAAAAAAAAYT), picking out clothes the night before, etc. etc. etc.
Yesterday he picked out shorts for today, but since he hadn’t worn them yet (gift from my parents), he needed to “try them out to see how comfortable they are, and if i can run in them.” He then proceeded to run aound the house like a maniacan 8 year old boy for about 15 minutes, jumping the pets, juking the dining room chairs, and running up and down the stairs. “YEP! these are GREAT for running!”, came the verdict. “and they are very comfortable.” so comfortable, in fact, that he left them on the rest of the day, and wanted to sleep in them.
at that point, who was i to argue? morning wardrobe half DONE by 9pm. boom.
as for afternoon and evening routines go, we have some work to do. as Carla Birnberg mentioned, “This one erroneously thinks [he’s] in the role of Boot Camp Trainer.” B and Gronk
I was at work before he needed to be awake this morning, but I was by his side as he drifted off to sleep last night. Mom handles the morning routines….

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