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ok, kids. let’s get up that hill and get to school!

Kids. Let’s talk about them for a bit, shall we? Growing up our parents used to joke about how they had to walk 5 miles up hill both ways in three feet of snow just to get to the neighbour’s house to borrow a cup of sugar, and half the time the neighbour wouldn’t be home. Don’t even get them started about walking to and from school. Amirite?
Now that we are the parents, we tell our kids stories about how we used to run amok in the neighbourhood, rode bikes without helmets, build ramps out of flimsy boards, waded in streams and leech filled ponds (ew), and stayed outside past dark playing kick the can. And all of this WITHOUT a cell phone in our back pockets or an Instagram account to document it (I’m gonna go play tag, but first, #lemmetakeaselfie).
If you are a numbers person (yes, you. and you. aaaannnd you), you’ve likely seen (sought?) the data about childhood obesity, rising incidences of childhood diabetes, and even kids undergoing plastic surgeries and gastric bypass surgeries. Kinda makes you sick, doesn’t it? If it doesn’t, you’re not paying close enough attention, in my opinion.
Kids aren’t just little adults, but if you look at the caloric intake of many kids these days, you’ll find that they are taking in adult portions (not to mention that adult portions have grown larger, too). By doing this, we are in essence creating adult sized kids. And this is wrong.
Going forward, I will be focusing more on nutrition, movement, exercise, and the well being of kids. This isn’t to say that I will be leaving adults in the dust; I still have my eyes on us. While I’m no expert, I’m passionate about getting our kids up and moving around more, and I believe that together our tribe can help make positive changes for our kids.

Join us?

Let’s GOOOO~!


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