“Burpees don’t like you either”

As seen on t-shirts and stickers all around the gyms and boxes these days, “Burpees don’t like you either.” Well, I’m ok with that. It isn’t that I don’t LIKE burpees. I LOVE burpees. They are a great all around strength and cardiovascular exercise that engages all of the major muscle groups as well as core and stabilizing muscles.
Bored with the regular burpee? A quick search on the interwebs will reveal more variations than I have hair on my head. But not on my back. As plentiful as the varieties are, I can assure you that my back has more hair. Trust me…..(sweet dreams…Hhahahahah).

Day TWO of Dai Manuel’s #AdventChallenge was to do 10 minutes worth of burpees. Didn’t have to be all at once, could have been broken out in 20 :30 sessions all day if you wanted. Being the sick person who I am, I did my 10 minutes in a row. I tried to just survive the 10 minutes, staying active when I was ‘resting’, but being mindful of my back at the same time. Then I got a bit motivated when I did the quick math and realized that I likely could crank out 100 burpees. I’ve never done that many strung together, so what the heck? Why NOT go for it???

Here are the video results; a few minutes in the beginning, then some at the end. I was listening to a mix by RockMyRun and didn’t realize that it would get picked up by the video app on my phone. Good times!

Lord knows I have some endurance work to do before Frigus in February.

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