4 Dimensions of Wellness Challenge

I’m using this challenge at work in our Employee Wellness Program. Seems fitting to share it here as well. Let’s ALL improve our Wellness!! (tosses wellness shaped confetti)

Greeetings, and Happy Monday, everyone!

Even though the New Year is right around the corner, there’s really no better day than TODAY to start making improvements on our lives. I would like to use today as a kick off to a mini-wellness improvement ‘challenge’ that I belive we could all benefit from. This one, unlike many others that you may have seen on the internet, will not involve extreme diet changes, workouts that leave you barely able to brush your teeth, or plans to run the Bora Bora marathon in April.

This one will try to encompass overall wellness. Without getting into too much detail, modern views of wellness cover four basic dimensions:

Spiritual Wellness
Spiritual strength is that force that drives us to make sacrifices for others, our nation, and the greater good. It may come from religious faith, heritage, experience within our community, influence of role models, or other sources of inspiration.

Emotional Wellness
Emotional wellness refers to building an awareness of and accepting one’s feelings and moods. It includes finding ways to encourage positive thinking and acceptance of oneself.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness includes expanding your knowledge about your lifestyle and how food, good nutrition and physical activity can be an integral part of your lifestyle.

Social Wellness
Social wellness entails being cognizant of the impact you and your actions have on your community, the society and nature.

Today we’ll focus on Social Wellness, since this challenge will involve getting to know other people, working together as a group, and seeking to expand our social networks.

CHALLENGE #1: reach out to someone else in your work area or neighbourhood and share this page with them. When you do, share with them ONE reason that you want to improve your overall wellness, and try to link it to one of the dimensions listed above.

If you’re up for it, this could be a great jump start to a great 2015. Drop me a comment below and let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

Thank you!

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